CompanyGame research area

It defines a collaborative environment made up of researchers and teachers from different international universities, which aims to provide academic and experiential answers to relevant questions in the current context of teaching and learning of business administration and management studies, including areas of knowledge such as educational methodologies, innovation and use of technology, competency profile, classroom performance or instructional design, among others.


Create a Research Group, coordinated from CompanyGame, in which, through collaborative contributions, each researcher can participate in a common line of work while maintaining their own lines of research.
Generate a knowledge base through research, experience and collaboration between researchers from different universities and countries.

Create a solid organization that allows greater collaboration and coordination between teachers involved in the defined contents.
Disseminate the results of the research, its authorship and institutions through courses, seminars, CG&BSAJ magazine, direct communication and/or the corporate WEB.
Create a structured and useful theoretical framework base that can be fed and shared by the entire group.
Create a collaborative environment for obtaining and analyzing qualitative and/or quantitative data.

Research areas

The different areas of research have the objective of improving educational practice by teachers and learning by students.

Research projects

Specific research projects that CompanyGame is especially interested in due to their relevance in the current and future educational environment.

Improve teaching of business management studies

Through the application of active learning methodologies in general, and business simulators in particular.

Teacher competency profile

Identify the teacher's competency profile, focusing on those skills that reinforce their teaching in digital environments.

Impact business simulation exercises

Evaluate the impact of business simulation exercises through the lens of psychological empowerment. Identify best practices and opportunities for improvement.

Student competency profile

Evaluate the student's competency profile in the field of business, with respect to a previously defined objective competency profile. Competence leap.

Leadership competition

Identification of best practices to enhance leadership competence through the application of business simulators in higher education and postgraduate studies.

Decision-making competence

Identification of best practices to enhance decision-making competence through the application of business simulators in higher education.

Interaction competence in management teams

Identification of best practices to enhance interaction competence in management teams through the application of business simulators in higher education.

Student and team evaluation rubrics

Definition and use of rubrics for evaluating the work of students and teams in business simulation exercises.

Learning from simulation exercises

Generation of learning in simulation exercises through reflection and debriefing.

Company Games & Business Simulation Academic Journal

Company Games & Business Simulation Academic Journal (ISSN: 2792-3150) is a biannual scientific publication of multidisciplinary research in relation to educational innovation applying educational technologies, especially those related to simulation and gamification, in the field of business management. . With the intention of collecting studies and experiences of personal researchers in this field.


CompanyGame Research Group

Dr. Fernando Alor Dávila

Universidad CNCI Virtual - México

  • - Doctorate in Strategic Administration
  • - Master in Administration with a specialty in Marketing.
  • - Graduate in Administration from the Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León (México).

Dr. Nuno Arroteia

Bradford School of Managemenst - UK

  • - PhD in Management at the University of Extremadura (Spain).
  • - Master of Science in Management at the University of Aveiro (Portugal).
  • - BA Hons in Management at the Portuguese Catholic University (Portugal)

D. Luís Blancafort

Universidad de Manresa (UVIC-UCC) - España

  • - Master in Simulation (UVIC-UCC).
  • - Graduate in Market Research and Techniques (Universidad de Barcelona)
  • - Telecommunications Technical Engineer (Universitat Ramon Llull).

Dr. Jorge Brito Aguilar

UEES - Universidad de Especialidades Espírtu Santo - Ecuador

  • - Doctor in Business Administración DBA por CENTRUM Católica Business School (Perú).
  • - Master in business administration, MBA por IDE Business School (Ecuador).
  • - Electronic Engineer Escuela Superior Politécnica del Litoral (Ecuador).

D. Renato Gandolfi Castagnola

Pontificia Universidad Católica de Perú - Perú

  • - MBA, Master in Administration, Mention in General Management by ESAN
  • - Business Administration from the University of Lima

Dr. Juan Pablo García Cuevas

Universidad CNCI Virtual - México

  • - Doctorate in Relational Education and Bio-Learning.
  • - Graduate in Administration from the Universidad Veracruzana (Mexico)

D. Álvaro García Otárola

Universidad Estatal a Distancia – Costa Rica

  • - PhD candidate in Public Management and Business Sciences.
  • - Master in European Studies and Integration (Univesidad Estatal a Distancia, San José, Costa Rica).
  • - Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration (Universidad Estatal a Distancia, Costa Rica).

Dra. Laura Patricia Garza

Universidad CNCI Virtual - México

  • - PhD in education
  • - Master's Degree in Education with an Accentuation in Educational Technologies.
  • - Systems Administrator Engineer from the Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León.

Dra. Alba Patricia Guzmán Duque

Unidades Tecnológicas de Santander - Colombia

  • - Doctor in IT Management in Organizations.
  • - Master in Data Analysis Engineering, Process Improvement and Decision Making (Universidad Politécnica de Valencia - Spain).
  • - Business Administration (Universidad Nacional de Colombia).

Dra. María Gabriela Romero Valverde

Universidad Estatal a Distancia – Costa Rica

  • - Doctor in Educational Sciences.
  • - Master in Business Management with emphasis on Human Capital (FUNDEPOS Alma Mater University).
  • - Graduate in Business Administration with an emphasis in Public Accounting ( Universidad Estatal a Distancia, Costa Rica)

Dr. Marc Selgas-Cors

Umanresa (Uvic - UCC) - España

  • - Doctor in Intercultural Studies.
  • - Master in Sports Management (Johan Cruyff Institute).
  • - Graduate in Political Sciences and Administration Specialization in International Studies (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona)

Dra. Kattia Lizzett Vasconcelos Vásquez

Universidad Nacional - Costa Rica

  • - Doctor in Methods and Techniques of Social Research (Universidad Extremadura, Spain).
  • - Masters of Business Administration. Bachelor's Degree in Administration (Universidad Nacional, Costa Rica)