Education services

Skills development

Competences are a set of knowledge, abilities, skills, attitudes and values ​​necessary to correctly carry out a given task and that are manifested in external behaviors.

The acquisition of skills does not occur with the mere identification of their need or lack, but repeated practice is necessary to gradually acquire the set of behaviors and tools necessary to carry out a task correctly. In other words, it is a process that requires a conscious, intense and continuous effort in which the binary action-reaction or effort-result is fundamental.

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Academic Counselling

Evolution in the Academic Planning Model

In this case, we propose that academic planning integrate content objectives and competency objectives.

The development of student skills is a process that requires continuous work during the successive semesters in which the educational program is developed.

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Pedagogical methodology

To know

  • Know the conceptual framework
  • know tools
  • Know the platform
  • Know the competitive environment
  • Know the company
  • meet the team

To understand

  • Diagnose the starting situation
  • Identify action alternatives
  • Establish guidelines and priorities
  • Define the action plan

To compete

  • Take decisions
  • Evaluate the results obtained
  • Evaluate the evolution of the competitive environment
  • Review the business plan

To grow up

  • Reflect on the working method
  • Identify hits and misses
  • Contrast with the real business environment
  • Internalize learning. Change.

The methodology followed by the CompanyGame simulators is adapted to the specific needs of the Training Center and is designed to allow the use of the platform in:

Face-to-face programs
online programs
mixed programs

And in each of the cases the simulations can be carried out individually or by teams. The methodology is flexible because each case is different.

Formation and teacher certification

CompanyGame has a training program for teachers who wish to use the simulators in Training Centers. The CompanyGame certification offers all education professionals the opportunity to learn about its offer and discover all its possibilities.
Free registration

Register for free on the platform as a teacher. It will give you access to different simulators and privileged information..

From your work area on the platform, you can access a large number of simulators and navigate through their different content areas. Consult the manuals and presentation documents.

From your work area on the platform, you can also access different demo simulators and practice with them to learn the mechanics and dynamics of how our simulators work.

From CompanyGame we offer you the possibility to certify yourself in the use of business simulators and request free licenses (according to availability) for your university or training centers.

Participate in an exclusive competition for teachers, doing an online competition with others. It will allow you to get to know the different simulators better, promote yourself among your community and obtain free licenses for your training center or university.

  • Organize and manage courses / competitions among your students.
  • Guide and accompany your students in their learning process in the field of business management.
  • Evaluate the involvement of your students and the implementation of their knowledge.
  • Access to a platform documentation area with valuable information about the CompanyGame simulations: examples, use methodologies, complementary documents, etc.
  • Access discounts, news and any other action carried out from CompanyGame.
  • Train other people on the CompanyGame platform so they can get their certification.
  • Participate in the creation of new simulators that address needs not covered by the simulators offered on the platform

The Teacher Transformation Challenge

The transformation of the Educational Model undoubtedly requires the transformation of the teaching body. Only if the transformation of the team is assumed will it be possible to change the educational model.

The inertia is too strong. The most relevant required changes are:

Development of digital skills.
Teacher identity.- The teacher should be considered a teacher, not simply a professional who teaches. The teacher must assume the need to innovate in pedagogical methodologies.
Development of teaching skills.- to facilitate the application of new pedagogical methodologies in the classroom (inverted class).
Development of the ability to assess and develop skills in students.
Link with the university.- Although he is only a few hours at the university, the teacher must assume the challenges of the new educational model proposed by the university.

Accredit yourself in CompanyGame!

Education services

CompanyGame has among its purposes the collaboration with Training Centers, Business Schools and Universities to facilitate the incorporation of gamification and business simulators as a training methodology.

We have special conditions and the possibility of adapting the pedagogical methodology to the needs of each center and the characteristics of its students.

We offer a specialized advisory service for the selection of the most suitable simulator for a certain race, course or material. Our experts will analyze the complete curriculum of the degree, the content of the subjects, the profile of the students and the dedication available, and will make the most appropriate proposal for each case.

The application of business simulators is more effective if the schedule of planned activities facilitates a good preparation of the student before the start of the competition. For this reason, it is necessary to establish a calendar that facilitates the performance of these activities and the monitoring of understanding by the student.

Additionally, we offer a model for evaluating the participation of the different students and teams, according to participation parameters and results generated by the platform.

The contracting of CompanyGame services can be carried out, according to the following modalities:

Modality 1: Hiring for the use of each student in a personal and non-transferable license.

  • Specific hiring of a simulator for a certain group of students.
  • Hiring for a number of decisions or more, of one or several simulators.

Modality 2: Hiring by packages.

Hiring a package of 3 to 5 simulators for a period of time, with unlimited use in students and teachers according to the number of years to hire.

You can request a personalized quote for your case.

We offer the possibility of making a comprehensive customization of the platform and integration with other tools or applications of the center. To achieve an optimal student experience and achieve a differential advantage over competitors, we have a service designed for a complete adaptation of the platform and the incorporation of new functionalities or procedures that may be necessary.

Likewise, we offer the possibility of revising the name and image of the simulators, in order to achieve greater singularity in the offer.

CompanyGame develops educational marketing solutions based on gamification tailored to each university, school or training center. These solutions can constitute a specific action or form a communication strategy in the medium and long term based on offering gamified content periodically.

CompanyGame solutions are based on the Knowledge Challenges as the main tool to communicate the center's educational value proposition, publicize its training programs and collect individualized information about the participants, with the aim of optimizing and maximizing the effectiveness of actions later. The implicit appeal in the game dynamics makes it possible to attract the target audience and take advantage of the virality generated on social networks.

Teacher training and certification is key to achieving a high-value experience for students. CompanyGame puts at the service of training centers and teachers a certification process that guarantees the acquisition of the knowledge and skills necessary for the application of this methodology.

In addition to the certification process, our consultants will carry out direct monitoring of the teacher's activity during the first weeks of starting the simulator application.

In addition, CompanyGame has a Remote Support service that will support teachers in any needs that may arise.

Teacher training can be carried out 100% online, but there is also the possibility of carrying out the training in person, according to the needs and preferences of the client.

CompanyGame offers the possibility of customizing the access pages to the platform, for its integration with the image of the training center. In this way, the students observe an image similar to the one they obtain when entering the virtual classroom of the center.

Additionally, content appropriate to the center or the most appropriate recommendations for each case could be incorporated, according to the profile of the students and the requirements of the center.

In order to meet special needs or extraordinary requirements, we offer the possibility of making adaptations to the standard simulators or even developing new business simulators, according to the needs of the training centers.

The development of the project would require the participation of teachers-researchers appointed by the training center. The management of the project would be in charge of one of our experts in business simulation, who in turn would have the support of the programming and development team that is foreseen in each case.

CompanyGame's talent acquisition solutions are based on gamification as a methodology to evaluate all areas of a candidate's talent: knowledge, practice and skills. Through interactive activities, situational cases and simulations tailored to the needs of the company, candidates demonstrate what they know and their ability to put it into practice while competing against each other. The natural attraction of competition and the wide dissemination that these initiatives find on the Internet make gamification an ideal methodology to attract the target audience and multiply the success of recruitment actions.

CompanyGame offers fully customized solutions to customer needs, both in terms of image and content. Thanks to the CompanyGame Platform, it is possible to comprehensively manage the recruitment process and obtain accurate information and statistics on the activity and performance of each user, optimizing their subsequent evaluation.

Within the field of education we will be happy to help you:

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Simulation lab

What is a Simulation lab?

It is a physical or virtual space where students can experience the decision-making of a company's senior management, complementing their theoretical training in an interactive and dynamic way, playing different roles and assuming the leadership of the company or of a specific area. At the same time, they will discover the impact of their decision-making process as a team on the results of their company, contrasting them with the results obtained by their competitors (other teams) within an environment that will change according to market conditions.

On the other hand, teachers will be able to observe and evaluate the behavior of work teams in real time by controlling simulation environments, providing constant feedback to students regarding their performance as future business professionals.

Advice for educational institutions

From Company Game we advise educational institutions for the design and implementation of a simulation laboratory, where both students and teachers will participate in extracurricular projects that involve the use of different simulators in teams, as well as interdisciplinary competitions and training practices for the development of managerial skills from their first years of studies.

The laboratory will be designed according to the needs of each educational institution, applying the technology required for the use of simulators.

As part of the implementation, competitions and role plays will be carried out, complemented by workshops on reinforcement and innovation methodologies, as well as analysis of real cases of success and failure in business decision-making.