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We offer a wide range of high value-added services aimed at training, professional development and business transformation.

CompanyGame offers its own training methodology based on business simulators. The courses are customized according to the needs of the clients. Courses can also be designed completely tailored to customer requirements.

Some of the most common objectives in courses with simulators are:

  • Global business vision
  • Understanding profitability ratios
  • In-depth understanding of relationships between decisions and outcomes
  • Decision making training
  • Understanding a new business strategy

The duration and calendar of the courses can be adapted to the client's needs. It is also common to incorporate the simulation module in corporate higher education programs.

The training activity can be transferred to online mode. The CompanyGame platform allows the completion of the training activity in an integral way through the internet

The pedagogical methodology and the calendar of activities would be adapted to the objectives of the course and the requirements of the client

CompanyGame has a team of experts in different subjects who can carry out the dynamization and tutoring of the courses, with the purpose of achieving maximum performance by the students.

The challenges posed by business simulators, in a highly competitive environment, can be very appropriate to encourage team development and collaborative learning.

On many occasions, problems in decision-making processes in organizations are caused by the misunderstanding of the reality of the different departments or divisions. Simulation activities allow people to assume different roles than usual and check the impact generated by different decisions made from different areas of the organization.

Likewise, the simulation activities allow us to understand the impact that certain decisions can generate in different market scenarios or different competitive environments.

The teamwork that requires overcoming the challenges generated by the simulation, constitutes a lever for the development of people and teams, and an effective formula for reducing organizational barriers.

CompanyGame's gamification-based marketing solutions are tailored to each company in order to get the most out of promotional actions. The flexibility of CompanyGame's technology and resources allow it to offer both specific solutions and complete solutions in the medium and long term to offer content on a regular basis.

CompanyGame solutions are based on Knowledge Challenges as the main tool to transmit the message in an effective, attractive and fun way, communicating the company's value proposition and increasing awareness of its brand, product or service. The content, image and functionality of the Challenges are completely customized to the needs of the company.

The CompanyGame Platform allows you to manage content and collect a large amount of information on user activity, expanding the contact base and facilitating the implementation of subsequent actions.

Informal learning methodologies are proving to be highly effective, and an effective complement to other regular training activities. The organization of events or competitions among employees or preferred customers can become an effective communication activity, relationship development or lever of organizational change.

They have the fundamental advantage that they are seen as recreational and voluntary activities. They facilitate the emotional involvement of the participants and allow the informal treatment of certain topics that can be of high value for companies.

These activities may be aimed at certain company groups: new hires, sales teams, office or delegation managers,... They may be especially interesting for companies with a large number of points of sale or services, and with a high territorial dispersion.

The value contribution of middle managers and directors goes through the correct application of a decision-making method, which takes into account the involvement in different areas and in the time of said decisions. The ability of the different candidates in this field is often not reflected in the CVs, the psychometric tests or in the selection interviews.

The incorporation of business simulators in personnel selection activities can be very interesting for a better understanding of the decision-making method or the criteria of the candidate when evaluating a certain situation and prioritizing the different action alternatives.

Individual or group activities can be carried out, and can be face-to-face or online. Depending on the client's requirements, the most convenient modality can be used. This activity can be carried out using one of the standard simulators from the CompanyGame portfolio, although it is possible to incorporate certain questions or situations that are of great interest to the client.

The changes in the environment are getting faster and more abrupt. Normally, companies that understand the keys to the new environment and how to adapt before their competitors manage to generate a competitive advantage over their rivals.

The reproduction of a sectoral environment through simulation can be very useful to identify the depth and the main consequences that the observed changes can generate. Likewise, it can be a support tool in the business decision-making process.

Business simulators facilitate the evaluation of the consequences generated by different strategies or changes in the competitive positioning of companies. Naturally, the development of simulation algorithms must be based on high sector expertise and in-depth research into the reality of the market and the sector.

CompanyGame develops customized internal communication solutions to quickly and attractively transmit the culture, values, objectives and strategy to everyone in the company.

CompanyGame solutions are developed in collaboration with the client, with the aim of covering their specific needs (transmitting a change in business culture, updating objectives, new strategies, developing new lines of business, etc). Through game dynamics (points, levels, rewards, achievements, feedback) interest is generated and team spirit and the participation of each employee in improvement processes are fostered.

The CompanyGame Platform allows comprehensive management of the communication process, updating content and compiling information on user activity and participation. The flexibility of CompanyGame's resources allows to customize the image, content and functionalities to the specific needs of the client.


The CompanyGame platform allows comprehensive management of the gamification process and the collection of individualized information about users, facilitating the optimization of training, communication and marketing actions.

The Platform's capacity for analysis and evaluation allows it to collect a wide variety of information on the activity and interests of users, which facilitates the management of content and training and the personalization of future promotion and communication actions.

Benefits ofGamification for companies


Introduce a new product to the target audience.


Modify brand positioning among potential consumers.


Encourage employee commitment to the company's results.

Team spirit

Promote collaboration and team spirit among employees.


Turn your message into an experience.

Connect with your target audience and increase awareness of your brand, product or service through game dynamics.

Gamification turns the consumer into an active part of communication campaigns, thus achieving a two-way process in which responses are immediate and in which dissemination multiplies thanks to virality.

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Internal communication

Achieve your team's commitment to the culture, values ​​and objectives of your company and encourage participation in improvement processes.

Gamification transforms the company's internal communication into a participatory process that enhances team spirit and the commitment of each person to the company's results.

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Training coursesStandard

Training offer based on Courses with Business Simulators
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Training coursesPersonalized


Adaptation / creation of the course according to diagnosis of needs.

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2 Formats

Selection of the most suitable format for the training activity.

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2 Modalities

Duration and intensity according to the objectives to be achieved.

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The calendar to be used in the simulation must be adapted to each case.

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Adaptation / creation of the course.

Companies can incorporate simulators into their training programs. Based on the training needs detected, the adaptation or creation of a course suitable for the needs will be carried out.

  • Consultants with extensive experience in analysis and diagnosis for training in different economic sectors and for training in companies who will analyze the needs for the development of the course.
  • Adaptation of one or several simulators that respond to the training needs detected.
  • Selection/creation of exclusive training material for the course.

2 formats

The application of a simulator in a face-to-face training activity can be carried out according to two modalities:

  • Simulation Workshop/Course: the simulator constitutes the central activity of the seminar or training module, complementing its development with certain theoretical content that allows obtaining the best use and the best lessons of the case.
  • Simulation module: the simulator is a complementary activity to the entire training program, with which its application is aimed at consolidating the knowledge acquired in the rest of the training modules.

2 Modalities

Intensity of the training experience

The application of a Business Game in the environment of a training course can vary according to the objectives to be achieved and the profile of the students. The two possible modes are:

  • Intensive: the simulation can be carried out in a continuous seminar of 2 to 3 days, or as an activity that is simultaneous with others for a maximum of 2 weeks. The estimated dedication for these cases can be between 6 and 20 hours.
  • Dilated: the simulation exercise can last from 6 to 8 weeks, with an estimated dedication for this modality between 15 and 25 hours, depending on the number of decisions made and the objectives of the application of the simulator.

Basic application methodology
Simulator presentation

Simulator presentation: se trata de un sesión de 2 a 3 horas impartidas por una persona que conozca suficientemente el entorno de simulación, las características del simulador y los objetivos pedagógicos que se desean alcanzar.

Student control: one or two student evolution controls can be planned, with the purpose of ensuring the pedagogical use of the simulator. The time required by the students to make these reports can be estimated between 2 and 3 hours.

  • A first control of the student will be established consisting of the preparation of a report (4 pages) at the beginning of the simulation, in which they must present the business objectives defined by the team regarding the company they are going to start managing.
  • In addition, a second control can be established, whose objective is for students to take a competitive view of the situation of their company.

Decision making: the student will have to make between 4 and 5 blocks of decisions, which will simulate 4-5 years. The number of periods of duration of the simulation can be adapted to each case. It will be necessary to establish a schedule for the execution of the simulations, which the students must strictly respect. The time required for this activity may range between 10 and 15 hours.

Results presentation: students must make a written and oral presentation of the performance performed. They must justify their decisions and explain the results obtained. The preparation of the presentation may require between 3 and 5 hours minimum.

Evaluation of results: the results evaluation session will last 2-3 hours for every 5 teams. During this time, each of the teams presents their results, the contributions of all of them are crossed and, in addition, the monitor exposes his conclusions.

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Decision making training

Business management is a challenge that requires the constant improvement of those who practice it.

Companies appear and disappear. Results are key for any business project to last. CompanyGame bases its simulators on the competition between the different participants with a double objective: to encourage students by making them responsible for their results and to prepare them to assume the responsibilities that are experienced in companies.

The business simulator allows the company to accompany, guide, evaluate, and support the apprentice, yielding ground in favor of the latter, who gradually achieves autonomy and independence in their learning.

Knowledge is not enough to obtain achievements and successes in the professional field.