CompanyGame has a program to attract teachers who may be interested on using the simulators in training centres.

Register for free on the platform as a teacher. It will provide you the access to the different simulators and privileged information.

From your working area on the platform, you will be allowed to test the simulators and check several content areas. Read the manuals and introductory readings.

From your working area on the platform you will also discover demo simulators. Try them and you will learn the mechanics and working dynamics of our simulators.

CompanyGame gives you the opportunity to certificate on the business simulators use. You will also receive free licenses for your university or training centre.

You will get to better know the range of simulators and you will obtain more visibility on your community if you participate on this exclusive contest for teachers. You can also receive free licenses for your university or training centre.

  • To organize and manage courses/competitions between students
  • To guide your students on the learning process on the business area
  • To evaluate your students time investment and how they put into practice their previous knowledge.
  • Access a documentation area with valuable information about the simulators CompanyGame: examples, methodology, complementary documentation etc.
  • Keep updated about special offers, news and many other proposals from CompanyGame.
  • Train other people on the use of the CompanyGame platform so they also obtain their certificate
  • Participate on the creation of new simulators focusing on those areas not covered by the currently existing simulators.

Certification Form

Request the availability of the simulators in other languages.