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Professional Team

Alberto Marín

Alberto Marín is the founder and CEO of Innova Management. He has has a bachelor’s degree on Business Sciences and a MBA Master by the Escuela Superior de Administración y Dirección de Empresas (ESADE) of Barcelona (Spain). Alberto Marín has a 20 year experience as a consultant specialized on strategy, organisation, improvement of processes and staff training.

Nowadays, Mr. Marín participates on high-education and corporate training programs for universities, business schools and big companies. Some of the institutions he has worked with are: Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, Universidad de Cantabria, Universidad de Valencia, ESERP, Centro Superior de Hostelería de Galicia, Banesto, Michelin or Repsol. Furthermore, he assesses several companies on performance improvement programs, organisational development and change management.

Llorenç Huguet

Llorenç Huguet has a bachelor’s degree on Liberal Arts by the University of Santiago de Compostela and owns a Master on e-learning by the Universidad Ramón Llull (Spain). His carreer has been developed on the new technologies area and focused on the development of multimedia applications and the experience of the user.

He is the co-writer of the book "E-Learning" (Anaya, 2003). In adittion, he has worked on the area of high-education in projects related to the use of TIC on education and on personal training projects for professionals . Furthermore he has participated on the developement of Distance Learning Platforms.

Anna Parcerisa

Anna Parcerisa Santandreu is a Services Marketing Consultant for Innova Management. She has a bachelor’s degree on Research and Marketing, Graduated in Business Studies and in Commercial Studies by the University Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona (Spain). Before being part of Innova Management, she worked on the Business Intelligence department of the pharmaceutical multinational Boehringer Ingelheim and she has worked as a consultant for THR.

Her carreer is based on the development and implementation of course action programs in the area of marketing services. She is a specialist o non-line marketing services and multimedia content development.

Clara Castanys

Clara Castanys has a bachelor’s degree on MBA and on Hotel Operations Management by the University of Barcelona (Spain). She worked for Hoteles Catalonia on the oprations department. Nowadays she is a consultant for Innova Management. She has developed her carreer on strategic consulting and business processes on the services area.

Concerning the training area, she has worked on the analysis and development of business simulators for Repsol as well as on other standard simulators of CompanyGame. She has taught business internationalization courses for the EOI (Escuela Organización Industrial) and training sessions on the use of simulators for Repsol .

Miguel Castañeda

Miguel has a bachelor’s degree by the Business and Economics School of the Autonomous University of Madrid (Spain) and Master on International Business Management by the Instituto de Comercio Exterior (ICEX) .

During his carree he has developet tasks related to the financial department working on the implementation of IT projects for several organisations. Furthermore, he has worked as a Trade Advisor on the headquarters of the ICEX in Brussels (Belgium).

José Antonio Ibáñez

José Antonio Ibañez is a Superior Ingeneer on Informatics by the Universidad Politécnica de Catalunya. He has participated on the development of several applications and elearning projects. He is responsable for the programation of the CompanyGame’s platform. Being an expert on data base management he has specialized on project development and interactive tools aiming the training and development of human resources.

Rainer Brusis

Rainer Brusis has a bachelor’s degree on Business and Economic Sciences by the University of Dormund (Germany). He worked for the TUI Group on the area of Destination Management as an assistant on the General Manager of the Group and as a Product Manager on the special operations area.

Nowadays he is the General Manager of Innova Management. He participates on projects related to services marketing on a national and international scale. Mr. Brusis is specialized on high-level teams management and on project management tasks.