We offer a wide range of services with a high added value focusing on formation, professional development and business changing.

In-Person training courses

CompanyGame offers its own training methodology, based on business simulators. Courses are personalized according to the customer’s needs. Furthermore, the courses are completely suited to the customer’s requirements.

Some of the most common objectives on simulators are:

  • A global business vision
  • Understanding of all the profitable ratios
  • Deep knowledge of the relations between decisions and results
  • Training for decision-taking
  • Understanding of a new business strategy

The length and calendar of the courses can be adapted to the customer’s needs. Moreover, it is common to add the simulation mode on advanced corporate training program.

Online training courses

The training activity can be moved to an online mode. The platform CompanyGame makes developing the training process easier on a complete way through the internet.

The pedagogic methodology and the calendar of activities adapt to the goals of the course and the customer’s requests

CompanyGame has a team of experts on different areas who carry out the stimulation and tutoring of the courses, with the objective of helping students to carry out a top performance

Activities to be performed by team

Challenges given by business simulators on a highly competitive level can be suitable to encourage team development and cooperative learning.

In many occasions, problems in decision-taking processes come from the lack of understanding of the reality of the departments and divisions.

Simulation activities allow people to assume different roles from the ones they are used to and see by themselves the impact that decisions generate from the point of view of all the organisation's areas. Also, simulation activities allow the understanding of the impact that these can have on different markets or competitive environments.

Teamwork requires an effort to successfully overcome the challenges generated by the simulator. This is a development tool for people and teams as well as a formula to reduce organisational boundaries.

Marketing solutions based on the Gamification of CompanyGame are developed to adapt to each compnay in order to take full advantage of the promotional activities. The flexibility of the technology and resources of CompanyGame allow both point solutions offer complete solutions to medium and long term to provide content on a regular basis.

The talent acquisition solutions of CompanyGame are based on Gamification. This works as a methodology to assess all the areas of talent of a candidate: knowledge, practice and skills. Through interactive activities, situational cases and which are tailored to the needs of the business simulations, candidates demonstrate what they know and their ability to implement the knowledge while competing with each other. The natural appeal of the competition and the widespread of these initiatives through the internet turns Gamification into a suitable methodology to attract the target audience and multiply the success of the actions of recruitment.

The CompanyGame platform supports content management and gathers a great amount of information about the user activity, broadening the base data base and facilitating the implementation of subsequent actions.

Cooperative events and competitions

It has been proved that the casual learning methodology is highly effective as a complement to other training activities. The organization of events and competitions between staff members or VIP clients can result in an effective communication activity to develop relationships. It can also trigger a positive change in organisation

Their fundamental advantage is the fact that they are seen as leisure activities. They encourage the participants to become emotionally implicated and to deal with challenges about particular aspects of the company in a casual way.

Cooperative learning activities can be aimed at specific members of the company: sales force, executive directors, managers…The exercices can be highly interesting for those companies owning a large number of retail stores established in different geographical zones.

Talent identification and selection

The added value of middle managers and executives comes from the right application of the decision-taking methodology which takes into account the implication of the different business areas. The skills the candidates possess in this particular area may not be reflected on their CVs nor on the tests carried out during the job interviews.

The inclusion of business simulators in the selection process can be useful for a better understanding of the methodology used by the candidate in decision-making and his or her criteria to evaluate a situation.

Simulation activities can be performed individually or by teams and it can be done in person or online. Depending on the requirements of the client, the CompanyGame simulator will be chosen from the simulator range.

Simulation on sectoral environments

Business environment is everytime more and more fast-changing. Usually, leading companies are those with a better and faster understanding of the environment, which thus get to be the leader.

The reproduction of a sector-based environment during a simulation can be helpful in order to identify the main consequences that can generate changes. It can become a useful tool when it comes to decision-making

Business simulators encourage the evaluation of the consequences generated by the strategies followed by companies. Of course, the development of the simulation algorithm must be based on a high expertise and on a deep market research.

CompanyGame develops tailored in-company communication solutions to inform about the culture values, objectives and strategy of the company to all the staff members.

CompanyGame solutions are developed in collaboration with the customer, in order to meet their specific needs ( to communicate on a change in corporate culture, updating objectives , new strategies, development of new business lines, etc ). Interest is generated through game dynamics ( score , levels, rewards , achievements, feedback ). Also team spirit and the involvement of every employee in the process of improvement is encouraged.

The CompanyGame Platform allows its user to comprehensively manage the communication process , updating the content and collecting information on the activity and user participation. The flexibility of resources of CompanyGame support the brand-image customization as well as the content and functionality to specific customer needs.

Training courses

Training in decision making


The technology and the methodology used to develop the aplication of CompanyGame’s simulators is 100% owned by us. This allows us to adapt to the needs of our clients

It does not matter which type of company is requesting our services. The fact that we will get to know the client and our experience and methodology is all we need to create a cross-task team to design a reality on which the training experience will be based

Contact us to analyze your needs and we will make you the most suitable offer

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