CompanyGame wants to encourage the collaboration between Training Centres, Business Schools and Universities in order to promote the establishment of simulators as a training methodology. We offer the opportunity to adapt the methodology of each simulator to every institution and its students needs.

A specialised support is included on the proposal in order to make the best choice of simulator according to the characteristics of a degree or course. Our experts will analyze the dregree and its contents as well as the students profile and availability to work on the Project. Regarding these terms, the support team will make you a personalized quote.

The effectiveness of the business simulators is increased by the clear establishment of the activities calendar. It helps the student to get ready before the beginning of the competition.

In addition, we offer you an evaluation model to grade the students performance taking into account a list of parametres and the results generated by the platform.

The request of licences for the use of simulators can be made following the methods here presented:

Option 1: Licence for students personal and non trasfearable use.

  • One-time use contract for a specific students class.
  • One-month contract for a specific number of decisions or more than one simulator

Option 2: Licence by packages

Package containing from 3 to 5 simulators to be used on a restained period of time. This package has no limitation of use for teachers and students during the time they have hired the simulator for.

You can ask us for a personalized quotate.

We give the possibility to fully customize the platform. Also, we offer the integration of other specific tools and aplications for the requesting educational institution.In order to assure a positive experience for the student and to manage to position CompanyGame ahead of our competitors, we have developed a service conferring a total adaptation of the platform and the introduction of new functionalities and processes if needed.

Also, we give the opportunity to look over the naming and image of the simulators so they lead the offer on the market

CompanyGame develops educational marketing solutions based on Gamification. This is tailored to each school, college or training center. These marketing solutions can be one specific action or a complete communication strategy in the medium and long term, based on providing gamificated content periodically.

CompanyGame solutions rely on the Challenges of Knowledge as the main tool to communicate the proposed educational value of the center, to present their training programs and collect information on individual participants, in order to optimize and maximize the effectiveness of actions later. The implicit appeal in the game dynamics attracts the target audience and leverage generated viral on social media.

The teacher’s training and certification process must be taken into account to obtain a positive experience. CompanyGame offers the training centers and their teachers a certification system to assure the aquisition of the knowledge and competences needed to apply the previously explained named methodology.

In addition, to the certification process our consultants will be monitoring on live the teachers’s activity during the first weeks of simulation.

Furthermore, CompanyGame counts on a remote support service that will answer all the questions teachers may have.

The certification of the trainers is realized online, but there is also the possibility to do it in person according to the needs and preferences of the customer.

CompanyGame gives you the opportunity to personalize the platform’s acess pages to include its Brand so it fits the training center branding strategy. This way, students will get the same branding input as they do when signing in the virtual campus on their training centers.

In adittion, the page will include contents adapted to the center’s requirements according to the students’ profile.

In order to give an answer to special needs and requirements, there can be adaptations on the standard simulators ore ven there exists the possibility to develop new simulators according to the customer’s needs.

The project’s development requires the active participation of teachers and researchers.Our experts on business simulation will perform as managers for the Project relying on the computering and development’s team support.

The talent acquisition solutions of CompanyGame are based on Gamification. This works as a methodology to assess all the areas of talent of a candidate: knowledge, practice and skills. Through interactive activities, situational cases and which are tailored to the needs of the business simulations, candidates demonstrate what they know and their ability to implement the knowledge while competing with each other. The natural appeal of the competition and the widespread of these initiatives through the internet turns Gamification into a suitable methodology to attract the target audience and multiply the success of the actions of recruitment.

CompanyGame offers customized solutions, both in image and content. Thanks to the Platform CompanyGame it is possible to manage the recruitment process and collect information as well as accurate statistics on the activity and performance of each user, optimizing further evaluation.



CompanyGame’s certificate will allow you to:

  1. Choose the most suitable simulator
  2. Choose the best teaching methodology to apply
  3. Create the course and its calendar
  4. Monitoring students
  5. Train other teachers
  6. Stablish the platform on an educational institution

Get to know the advantages of obtaining the certificate (discounts, free licences, new simulators development) for you and your educational center

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Pedagogic methodology

Smart Platform

  Encouraging the participation of teachers and students

  Based on smart agents to improve the support and follow-up.

  Customizable to the brand image and other requirements from the educational institution.


  Exclusive (exclusive server on the cloud) or shared (CompanyGame servers)

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